Senior Minis

Senior Minis are PERFECT for those who want great senior pictures, but don't want to smile for 4 hours, try and coordinate 6 outfits and all the works. This is for the seniors who know what they want & are eager for it to be checked off the to-do list. Check out our FAQs to learn more & see if this is the right type of session for you!

Q: What is the difference between that and an epic senior session? 
A: The difference is, our session is one hour vs up to 3. Hair and makeup is not included and it is only one location.  

Q: Can you show me examples of your work?
A: Absolutely! Click Here to see our senior gallery & more!

Q: Can I add hair and makeup?
A: Of course! We have a studio makeup artist that can help make your experience complete!

Q: Will you take just 25 pictures? 
A: Not at all! We photograph you for the time allotted & it usually yields about 70 images. You get to chose the ones you like best for your final gallery!

Q: What if I like 28 images? Can I buy more? 
A: Absolutely! We want you to have all of the images you love, each additional digital print is $35 an image. You will also receive a full A-La-Carte menu so that you can view our available heirloom products.

Q: What if I want to chose an EPIC senior session?
A: You can absolutely chose to go with our Epic Senior sessions, for more info on this option, please visit our EpicSeniorPics website

Q: When will I get my pictures?
A: After your session is complete, you will receive a proofing gallery in which you select your favorite images. The turnaround time is 2 weeks from the selection of your final images. You will select your products at your viewing. Products take 2 weeks including shipping. The total process is approximately 5 weeks. Please plan accordingly and be mindful of school deadlines. You can most definitely rush your order, please contact us for a quote!

Q: Will the session be outdoor or indoor?
A: It can be either! You can chose the location! Whether you choose greenery, desert or in-studio portraiture, we have so many different options to fit your needs.

Q: Who picks the location?
A: We have examples of beautiful locations throughout the valley. We will customize a session that's perfect for you!
Q: How many people are allowed?
A: The senior is the only person we will photograph. If you would like to add siblings or a family shot, we can customize a quote for you! Contact Us Here.

Q: Can we pay for an extended family shoot?
A: Absolutely! We love extended family shoots! Please contact us for pricing.

Q: Do you have payment plans available?
A: You will receive our invoice immediately & you can chose to make multiple payments towards it. Please note your date & time won't be guaranteed until full amount is received.

Q: Is my date & time be guaranteed?
A: Your time & date for your session will only be held for 24 hours from delivery of invoice. It is due within that time & can only be guaranteed after full payment is received.  

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